Saturday, March 31, 2012

Silvertone 1344 Amp

Amp or appliance? That's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this beauty from the early 50's. I've read this was Little Walters favorite amp. Anyway, it's a pretty funky little thing that sounds great!
Nice warm tone, not very loud, all controls work. All inputs work. Speaker sounds fine. Looks like an Alnico magnet on the speaker. Tremolo control is for intensity(one speed: medium, think Susie Q) I've seen pictures of this amp with both this weird cloth speaker grille and with a metal grille.
Tubes are as follow, left to right:
5U4 Zenith
12SJ7 RCA metal tube
6V6 JJ x2
12SC7 RCA metal tube
12SJ7 RCA metal tube (behind)

How about that, 2 different Rectifier tubes! That is a speaker extension jack. I wasn't tempted to try it. Schematics are available online.
Priced under $400. Call me at 615 507 8518 or visit me at Sam Ash Nashville, 1647 Gallatin Pike North, Madison TN 37115. Quarter-mile south of I-65 Rivergate exit just north of Nashville.

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